New Simpler Pricing

Today we are announcing radically simpler pricing for imgix – $3 per 1000 master images and $0.08 per GB of bandwidth. Our goal with this pricing is to make it incredibly easy to calculate your costs and give you the freedom to explore all of imgix’s features without impacting your bill. To understand how we are achieving this, there are two major changes to elaborate on.

No More Plans

The first change is that we are dropping the concept of plans altogether. We have found that our plans were often confusing to both new and existing customers alike. Instead, we are offering one flat unit price for all imgix customers. Since this price is based on usage, it scales with you whether you are a small, medium, or large customer. Going forward, you never have to worry about when to change plans, or if you are fully utilizing the plan you are currently under. You will only be billed for the services you use, and for nothing else; with no commitment levels to reach, or overage charges to worry about.

Priced by Master Images, Not Derivatives

The second change is how we charge for images. Rather than charge for outputs, renders, or derivative images, which are very difficult to estimate, we are now only charging for master images. A master image is an original image that you control and that we fetch into imgix. You can generate as many derivative images (e.g. thumbnails, crops, variants, etc.) as you need from your master image using imgix at no additional cost, other than the bandwidth it takes to deliver them.

This enables to you to take advantage of all of imgix’s features, like imgix.js for instance, at any time without wondering how your bill will be impacted at the end of each month. As before, you are only ever charged for images that are requested through imgix in a given billing period. Image content that sits in your storage but isn’t accessed would never incur any costs through imgix.

More Accessible Pricing

There are a few additional details to go over with regards to the new pricing. To start, we have lowered our minimum monthly commitment to $10. This is based on feedback from many smaller companies and hobbyists looking to take advantage of our service, but had previously been priced out. To test out imgix for free, we are giving all new accounts a $10 credit. You can experiment and learn the service at no charge for one month, or until you have accrued more than $10 in usage, whichever comes first.

Finally, our new pricing, while much more flexible than before, still might not fit all cases. If you expect to be spending more than $2,500 per month or if you think you might need a custom solution, please contact our sales department.

Pricing & Existing customers

If you are an existing customer and prefer your current plan, you can choose to stay on that plan, if you’d like. If you’d like to switch over to the new pricing, you can do so at any time through your customer admin panel.

We are excited to hear how you like our new plans, and see all of the new ways our customers are able to fulfill their design dreams with imgix! Feel free to send us your feedback or questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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