Changelog: May 15, 2015

Image trimming parameters

  • Introduced 3 new parameters—trim, trimmd, and trimsd—for automatic trimming of whitespace or uniform borders around images. Read more in the trim parameter docs.


  • Merged a pull request from joshfrench that fixes an issue with signed URLs. Thanks, Josh!
    • Fixed an issue with the library not correctly working with and encoding fully qualified URLs for Sources with the Web Proxy type. See pull request.
    • Bumped the Ruby library version to 0.3.3. Update your projects.


  • Fixed a bug in Safari that caused lazy-loaded images to repaint relentlessly.
    • Updated internal list of image parameters to match recent additions and changes to our API.
    • Released version 1.0.23.


  • Fixed an issue with the txtclr documentation. Previously, the default txtclr value was listed as fff, which was incorrect—the actual default value is 000.

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