Changelog: May 29, 2015


  • Sam Soffes (@soffes) has put together a library for creating imgix URLs in Objective-C. The library is annotated with nullability, which means it’s also compatible with Swift. You can learn more about imgix-objc on its GitHub page.


  • Removed all code pertaining to signing imgix URLs with your API token. We decided that this code isn’t well-suited for client-side code like imgix.js. If you need to use signed URLs, we suggest using one of our client libraries instead.
    • Added a throttle parameter to imgix.fluid(). This parameter determines how often lazy-loaded images poll the viewport to determine whether they should load their source or not. This was previously defined by the debounce parameter, which also handles polling for window resize events. The default value for throttle is 200ms.
    • Fixed a bug in our lazyLoad code that was preventing images clipped by the top or left sides of the browser viewport from rendering properly.
    • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause imgix.fluid() to not behave properly if the source image was already in the browser’s cache. Thanks to Josh French for catching the bug.
    • Released version 1.1.0.

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