Changelog: Jun 5, 2015


  • We’ve updated our Getting Started guide to be simpler and clearer. It now has URL examples, better explanations, and some cute puffins to boot.


  • Created a new reference document for creating imgix URL libraries in new languages. This can help make sure that your new imgix library covers all of the corner cases. Available on GitHub: imgix/imgix-blueprint.


  • Parker Moore and our friends over at VSCO have put together a Go library for implementing imgix within an application. Check it out on GitHub: parkr/imgix-go.


  • Fixed a few bugs around signing fully-qualified URLs in the PHP library, resulting in the release of 1.0.5. View on GitHub: imgix/imgix-php#1.0.5.


  • Released version 0.3.4 of the Ruby gem, which now includes the diagnostic ixlib parameter. View it on GitHub.


  • Rolled out version 1.0.3 of the imgix WordPress plugin, which fixes an installation issue. View on GitHub: imgix/imgix-wordpress#1.0.3


  • imgix is now powering the image placeholder service, The next time you need placeholder images for a design, check them out!

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