Changelog: Oct 9, 2015

Eventbrite Case Study

  • We released our first case study with Eventbrite. It covers how Eventbrite uses imgix to delivery imagery for millions of events in more than 180 countries. Read the Eventbrite case study.

imgix.js 1.2.0

  • Updated imgix.URL.getColors() method to use simple AJAX instead of CSS-injection. As a result of this, colors are being returned from lightest to darkest, rather than from darkest to lightest as they were previously. This change was made to bring the behavior of this method in line with the palette=json image API, which it now uses.
  • Removed several unnecessary polyfills, shaving 4KB off of the minified file size.

Documentation Updates


  • Fixed a bug in the imgix Sandbox that would cause an error when a parameter didn't have an associated documentation URL.

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