Changelog: November 3, 2022

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React Native Tutorial

  • See how simple it is to use imgix in your React Native applications with our new React Native Guide. This tutorial will teach you how to resize an image automatically to fit device dimensions, update image resolution automatically to match device DPR, and other tips to keep your app performant.

video.js Plugin Support

  • Quickly add additional features to the ix-video player with video.js plugins. While this support is still experimental, we would love to hear any feedback on this new feature.

New Wordpress Plugin

  • We have added wp-imgix, a third-party Wordpress plugin, to our list of recommended integrations and it is now our favorite Wordpress solution for imgix. The previous solution, Media Cloud, is no longer recommended.

More Flexible Encoding in js-core

  • @imgix/js-core now accepts an optional encoder() function that allows you to override our default URL encoding behavior to better suit your needs. Read more about it here.

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