Changelog: March 7, 2023

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Japanese Characters in Categories and Custom Fields

Asset Manager supports the use of Japanese characters for categories and custom fields. See Asset Manager docs for more on how to add, search, and manage your assets' metadata.

Additional AWS S3 Regions

imgix supports AWS S3 buckets created in the following regions:

  • af-south-1 Africa (Cape Town)
  • ap-south-2 Asia Pacific (Hyderabad)
  • ap-southeast-3 Asia Pacific (Jakarta)
  • ap-southeast-4 Asia Pacific (Melbourne)
  • eu-south-1 Europe (Milan)
  • eu-south-2 Europe (Spain)
  • eu-central-2 Europe (Zurich)
  • me-central-1 Middle East (UAE)

More Emojis in txt Parameter šŸ„·

We've updated our emoji font to support the latest v14 characters when using the txt parameter.

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