Changelog: April 11, 2023

Changelog image

Background Removal

The imgix render API now supports image background removal and replacement. See the announcement blog or read our docs for more details on how to use the new bg-remove parameter. Once enabled, you can easily see how background removal can work for your images in Asset Manager. To get started, contact our sales team: background removal image

Expanded Usage Notifications

We've improved how and when we notify you that your account is reaching your included plan limits, such as origin images and bandwidth. You will receive emails and Dashboard messages beginning at 50% usage, and we will recommend how to proceed if you think you might reach your plan's limit. Please note, we reserve the right to disable your service if you significantly exceed your plan limits.

Other Features and Fixes

  • You can now select from up to 300 categories, increased from 30, when categorizing assets in Asset Manager.
  • Images sent to our auto-tagging service are limited to 500MB for system stability and reliability.
  • Fixed a bug with AVIF files larger than 7000px wide.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent setting default and error images on a Source.

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