Changelog: June 5, 2023

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Cloudflare R2 Source Type

We've added support for integrating with your Cloudflare R2 storage bucket when creating a new Source. Using the Cloudflare R2 Source type has all of the same advantages as our other S3-compatible Source types, including better asset privacy and security. Read the documentation for Cloudflare R2 Source creation or migrate an existing Web Folder Source.

Expanded Background Removal Image Support

Images larger than 12MB or 50 megapixels will now be optimized for background removal by default. See the announcement blog or read our docs for more details on how to use the bg-remove parameter. To get started, contact our sales team:

Other Features and Fixes

  • For accounts with past due invoices, you will see a persistent banner and list of invoices in Dashboard as a reminder to submit payment.
  • The imgix render API will return a 402 HTTP response code, previously 512, when your account's renders have been disabled for either billing or overage related reasons.
  • You will be prevented from modifying your plan until your account's billing status is returned to normal.

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