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Set Your Image Optimization on Auto-Pilot with Smart Defaults

Simplify your image URLs and workflow by setting default parameters on your imgix Source.

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AVIF: The Best Image Format That You Might Be Missing

AVIF is one of the most exciting web image formats. Despite its superior performance, it remains a blind spot for many developers. In this article, we want to offer you a concrete assessment and show you how to overcome barriers to adopting AVIF.

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AI Super Resolution Is Now Available on imgix

Upscale your images using AI for better visual quality. Revive older photos, enhance user-generated content, and create visual consistency across your site. Combined with our other AI features, you can effortlessly achieve advanced visual effects while saving time.

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10 Ways to Improve Performance for Your Travel Website and Application

Web performance and SEO are crucial for travel sites and apps. Doing it right can drive page visits, increase bookings, and reduce infrastructure costs. imgix can help you embark on your web optimization journey, starting with powerful image compression and video encoding.

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8 Ways to Improve Your Real Estate Website Performance

Unlock more real estate sales with faster page speed and better visual quality. See how you can improve the web performance and SEO of you real estate site. Start by automating image optimization and video encoding.

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9 Ways to Improve E-Commerce Website Performance

Web performance and SEO are crucial for e-commerce success. Doing it right can reduce your infrastructure cost and save time. Image compression and video optimization are the simplest ways to get there.

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