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Streaming Video — Why It’s Essential and Why You Need More Than YouTube

This is the first in a three-part imgix blog series covering streaming video: its value, how adaptive bitrate streaming makes streaming video work, and the HLS/LL-HLS standard. imgix will be adding streaming video optimization and hosting — if you foresee a need for this, contact us at

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The 5 Most Common Image Mistakes for E-commerce Companies

How to make sure your product images perform at their peak for e-commerce

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Find and Fix Your Heaviest Images with Page Weight

imgix's Page Weight tool has been updated to make diagnosing heavy images even easier.

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How HTTP/2 Can Speed Up Your Site

More details about how HTTP/2 can improve your website performance, and how to make the most of it.

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State of the URL API

Easily validate your imgix-based tools and libraries with our machine-readable API documentation.

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“Set It and Forget It” with Default Parameters

Simplify your image URLs and workflow by setting default parameters on your imgix Source.

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