Changelog: Apr 8, 2016

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New Page Weight Tool

  • Released Page Weight, a tool to help measure and improve image performance. Enter the URL of your website to get a detailed custom report that shows how images are affecting your performance and ways to improve.


  • Upgraded the /signup form to use a shiny new endpoints, resulting in a smoother account sign-up process.
  • Fixed a bug with URLs that broke the back button in certain cases.
  • Hid the billing form from users that don't have permission to edit billing details.
  • Fixed a bug that was requesting current invoice data even for users without permission, resulting in an entirely-avoidable 401 Forbidden error every time.

imgix-go Client Library Update

Changelog: Apr 1, 2016

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  • Moved invoices, billing information, and plan details to the new consolidated billing view.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "billing-only" users from adding or updating credit card information.
  • Renamed a bunch of routes throughout the app for better organization. No need to update your bookmarks, though: all old routes should be correctly aliased.
  • Improved the general behavior of errors on many forms, and the specific behavior of displaying email "typo" suggestions in the sign-up form.

Blog Post: Optimizing Quality and Speed for High-DPR Images

Changelog: Mar 25, 2016

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  • Added spiffy new "Edit in Sandbox" buttons to image examples.
  • Documented the ellipsis input for the txtclip parameter, which inserts an ellipsis (…) where specified in a truncated text string.


  • Updated news module on home view: better design, fewer API requests.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs in the Source creation form.

Changelog: Mar 18, 2016

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  • Rebuilt the sign-up form to be a bit more user-friendly and include better error handling.
  • Rebuilt our password-reset flow to be easier to use.

Changelog: Mar 11, 2016

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Save-Data Client Hint

  • Released support for the Save-Data Client Hint, which serves smaller images to customers in low-bandwidth situations when requested


  • Updated the sign-in and password-reset-request views with design tweaks and better error handling
  • Fixed a bug that was making our Availability graph hard to read due to rounded tickmark labels
  • Consolidated pre-May-2015 invoices and post-May-2015 invoices into a single unified object

New Blog Post

  • Released blog post covering the new auto=compress parameter

Changelog: Mar 4, 2016

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Shopify Integration Guide

  • Using imgix for your Shopify store images can greatly improve conversion rates—this week we released a Shopify Integration Guide to make it easier.

Motif—Social Media Image Generator

  • Released Motif, a tool to easily create customized shareable images for any piece of web content (powered by imgix, of course). See the blog post for more information.

New Image URL Parameters

  • cs: Allows you to change the RGB colorspace to either sRGB (the default) or adobergb1998. See documentation
  • auto=compress: Applies more aggressive image compression; useful for contexts where small file size is crucial (for example, the upcoming Save-Data Client Hint). See documentation

Base64 Blog Post

  • Released a blog post covering the application and use cases of our new Base64 parameter variants.

Sandbox Update

  • The Sandbox now accepts and outputs Base64-encoded parameter values, in accordance with our upgrade.

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