Changelog: Jan 29, 2016

New Guides

Changelog: Jan 22, 2016

Library and Tool Updates

imgix-python 1.0.0

  • Change UrlBuilder#create_url to accept dict instead of kwargs. This fixes an issue with reserved words that are also imgix params potentially causing errors.

Luminous 0.2.3

  • Added caption support.
  • Added closeOnScroll option.
  • Improved image positioning.
  • Fixed package.json main should now point to dist file usable by more JS build setups.

Drift 0.1.5

  • Fixed package.json main should now point to dist file usable by more JS build setups.
  • Fixed HAS_ANIMATION bug when loaded in head
  • Fixed a syntax error in bower.json

Changelog: Jan 15, 2016

Site Updates

  • Check out the beaming mugs of the smiling team members of team imgix
  • Download imgix logos and branding resources from our in-progress Press Kit

Typesetting Endpoint Blog Post

Securing Images Guide

Changelog: Jan 8, 2016

New Front-End Libraries

  • Released Luminous and Drift, new open-source Javascript libraries for lightboxes and zoom viewers. See the blog post for more details
  • Released an imgix plug-in for the Statamic CMS

Typesetting Endpoint

  • Released the Typesetting Endpoint, which enables multi-line text, leading, tracking, and text overlays on images

Documentation Updates

  • Improved examples for the bc, bs, bx, and by parameters

Changelog: Dec 18, 2015

Fingerprinting Guide

  • Released a guide discussing how to fingerprint image assets to improve page speed by better managing cache keys and eviction. Read the guide in the documentation.

Documentation Updates


Changelog: Dec 11, 2015

Guide—Improving SEO with imgix

  • Added a guide to document best practices for image SEO, and how imgix can help by reducing image file size.

imgix-rb 1.0.0

  • Removed Client#sign_path to provide a consistent method and code path for generating URLs.
  • Changed :secure option to the more clear :use_https.
  • Changed :token option to the more clear :secure_url_token.
  • Fixed URL query strings beginning with ?&s= instead of ?s= when no other params are present.

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imgix-rails 1.0.0

  • Updated imgix-rb dependency to version 1.0.0.
  • Changed :secure option to :use_https to be more clear and consistent with imgix-rb.

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Added: Employee Festive Stockings v.20.15

imgix holiday stockings

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