Changelog: Feb 19, 2016

![Changelog image](" alt="Changelog Feb 19, 2016)

Revamped Documentation

  • Now at
  • Each API parameter is now on its own page, improving search results dramatically
  • New Setup section makes it easier to get going and start serving images right away
  • Moved tutorials over from the blog to make them easier to find

New Tutorial

Dashboard Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that was preventing billing-only users from logging in
  • Fixed a bug that was breaking the auto-save feature on some form fields

Changelog: Feb 12, 2016

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  • Refreshed the Analytics view with better navigation and prettier graphs
  • Improvements to invoice tables on the Invoices view
  • Also refreshed the Dashboard view with the aforementioned graph and invoice improvements, plus minor layout fixes
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the Render Cache TTL from being updated on Sources
  • Added a tasteful drop shadow to the logo on the login page. It's pretty good, I think? We're still making up our minds about this one.

CDN Map Added

Codepens Updated

  • We have a number of Codepen pens and a growing library of examples and creative uses cases for imgix.
  • We have collected the popular Luminous and Drift library examples into a collection to demonstrate image zoom, X-ray and lightbox implementations popular with e-commerce sites.

Changelog: Feb 5, 2016

![Changelog image](" alt="Changelog Feb 5, 2016)

Changelog Has Moved

  • Our weekly changelog has now been folded into the blog, so you only have one place to look for the latest news about new features and updates.

imgix.js Examples

  • Posted a codepen demonstrating imgix.js' ability to generate pre-made CSS gradients from an image's color palette.

Changelog: Jan 29, 2016

New Guides

Changelog: Jan 22, 2016

Library and Tool Updates

imgix-python 1.0.0

  • Change UrlBuilder#create_url to accept dict instead of kwargs. This fixes an issue with reserved words that are also imgix params potentially causing errors.

Luminous 0.2.3

  • Added caption support.
  • Added closeOnScroll option.
  • Improved image positioning.
  • Fixed package.json main should now point to dist file usable by more JS build setups.

Drift 0.1.5

  • Fixed package.json main should now point to dist file usable by more JS build setups.
  • Fixed HAS_ANIMATION bug when loaded in head
  • Fixed a syntax error in bower.json

Changelog: Jan 15, 2016

Site Updates

  • Check out the beaming mugs of the smiling team members of team imgix
  • Download imgix logos and branding resources from our in-progress Press Kit

Typesetting Endpoint Blog Post

Securing Images Guide

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