Changelog: February 9, 2023

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Background Removal Available in Beta

  • A new background removal API is available in limited release for our Enterprise customers. Reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to test this new feature.

Support for Digital Ocean, Linode, and Wasabi

  • You can now create Sources with three new S3-compatible source types: Digital Ocean, Linode, and Wasabi. S3-compatible Source types have the advantage of allowing you to keep your assets private and only permitting access via imgix. Read the documentation for Source creation or migrate an existing Web Folder Source.

Thumbnails for Video

  • Easily create thumbnails, GIFs, or storyboards from videos processed via the imgix video rendering API. Read more about it and see example usage here.

New ix-player Video Player

  • We listened to your feedback and re-architected our video player to split the core of the player and the player itself into two packages.
  • ix-video is now a slimmed-down wrapper on top of the built-in <video> element with HLS support and a much smaller download size.
  • ix-player has all of the bells and whistles of a fully-featured video player, including built-in support for our new thumbnail, GIF preview, and storyboard feature set.
  • You can check out a demo of the new packages on our video solutions page or on GitHub.

Added New Japanese Font Options

  • We have added over 50 Japanese font options for use in the text rendering API. See the complete list of available fonts here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where some large AVIFs were not rendering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where some corrupt images were not rendering correctly.

Changelog: December 13, 2022

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New: Uploading in the imgix App for Contentful

New Asset Manager Plugin for Figma

  • We recently announced our new Asset Manager Plugin for Figma, which allows you to easily build shared asset libraries across your team, search for and place existing image assets into your Figma designs, upload new high-resolution image assets, and export rasterized comps out of Figma that are immediately web-ready for sharing wherever they need to be shared. Try the plugin or read the documentation.

Changelog: November 3, 2022

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React Native Tutorial

  • See how simple it is to use imgix in your React Native applications with our new React Native Guide. This tutorial will teach you how to resize an image automatically to fit device dimensions, update image resolution automatically to match device DPR, and other tips to keep your app performant.

video.js Plugin Support

  • Quickly add additional features to the ix-video player with video.js plugins. While this support is still experimental, we would love to hear any feedback on this new feature.

New Wordpress Plugin

  • We have added wp-imgix, a third-party Wordpress plugin, to our list of recommended integrations and it is now our favorite Wordpress solution for imgix. The previous solution, Media Cloud, is no longer recommended.

More Flexible Encoding in js-core

  • @imgix/js-core now accepts an optional encoder() function that allows you to override our default URL encoding behavior to better suit your needs. Read more about it here.

Changelog: September 8, 2022

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Easily Embed Images and Videos

  • We have added a simple way to embed images and videos wherever you need them. Select the content you want in Asset Manager, then copy and paste the provided code snippet for optimized images and videos.

Changelog: August 4, 2022

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Uploads in Asset Manager

  • Asset Manager now supports uploads up to 5GB. Please follow the instructions here to update your settings for uploading.

New Video Analytics

  • Visualize how many videos and minutes are streamed and encoded on a daily basis with new video analytics in Dashboard. You can learn more about our Video API here.

Other Features and Fixes

  • @imgix/angular now supports V12.
  • Minor improvements in image processing color accuracy.

Changelog: July 7, 2022

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Image Manager Is Now Asset Manager

  • As Asset Manager continues to expand support for media types we have updated the name to better reflect its flexibility. Access Asset Manager by clicking the "Assets" tab in your Dashboard or reach out to Support if you have questions.

New Upload Sessions API

  • We have added an upload sessions flow that support uploads up to 5GB. This is a multi-part, sequential flow that involves creating a session, uploading a file for that session, and finally closing the session. Note: This is currently supported only for Amazon S3 and Google Cloud Storage Sources.

Other Features and Fixes

  • Fixed a performance issue impacting a small percentage of image rendering requests.

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