Changelog: Aug 14, 2015

Documentation Examples

More Libraries

  • Added the community-contributed libraries to our Client Libraries page.
  • Added Travis CI badges to report the build status of each of our client libraries.

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Changelog: Aug 7, 2015

Color Quantization

  • Released the colorquant parameter which allows for fine-grained color palette control. It can be used to reduce file sizes drastically. Read the blog post.


  • Alphabetized the search results for the txtfont parameter, which makes searching for available typefaces a more pleasant experience. Check it out.
  • Tracked down and fixed a few unclosed tags that were breaking the formatting on certain documentation pages.

Web App

  • Fixed issue that prevented links to full Freshbooks invoices from showing up for recent periods.
  • Added a counter of remaining account credits to each invoice, for easier tracking.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some newer API parameters from being set as default parameters on a source.

Changelog: Jul 31, 2015


Mark Base Parameter

Changelog: Jul 24, 2015


  • Fixed an issue where the trimcol parameter was incorrectly labeled as trimcolor.
  • Added documentation for the watermark base (markbase) parameter. This sets a base URL for the watermark in an image.
  • Clarified behavior of the nr and nrs parameters.
  • Added documentation for the lossless parameter, which will render a JPEG XR or WebP output image losslessly.

Changelog: Jul 17, 2015

Blend Artifacting

Changelog: Jul 9, 2015

Web App

  • Improved invoice display to be clearer and account for all different pricing schemes.
  • Tweaked news item display to only display items less than two weeks old.


hue Parameter

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