Changelog: May 22, 2015


  • Fixed two issues (#27 and #28) that manifested when an image was set to display: none;. The bug caused images to be requested at extremely large heights, leading to a sluggish browser experience.
  • Released version 1.0.25.

JSON Output Format

  • Released a new output format, the JSON Output Format. By setting fm=json, imgix will render a JSON document instead of a manipulated image. This JSON document will include EXIF data, DPI, height, width, and more from the original image. You can read about it in the format documentation.

Web App

  • Added better validation to the default_params in the source view, to prevent illegal default parameters from being set. A common default parameter that we’re unfortunately not able to support at this time is auto=format.


  • Fixed a few bugs in our WordPress plugin, bringing the latest current version to 1.0.2. Please update your WordPress installation.

Changelog: May 15, 2015

Image trimming parameters

  • Introduced 3 new parameters—trim, trimmd, and trimsd—for automatic trimming of whitespace or uniform borders around images. Read more in the trim parameter docs.


  • Merged a pull request from joshfrench that fixes an issue with signed URLs. Thanks, Josh!
    • Fixed an issue with the library not correctly working with and encoding fully qualified URLs for Sources with the Web Proxy type. See pull request.
    • Bumped the Ruby library version to 0.3.3. Update your projects.


  • Fixed a bug in Safari that caused lazy-loaded images to repaint relentlessly.
    • Updated internal list of image parameters to match recent additions and changes to our API.
    • Released version 1.0.23.


  • Fixed an issue with the txtclr documentation. Previously, the default txtclr value was listed as fff, which was incorrect—the actual default value is 000.

Changelog: May 8, 2015

Image API

  • Added pad=px parameter for padding images (see the docs).
  • Added usm and usmrad parameters for applying unsharp mask (see the docs).

imgix.js v1.0.22

  • Added an optional rootNode argument to allow imgix.fluid() to operate on individual nodes instead of entire document (see fascinating PR).


  • Posted a behind-the-scenes article about racking Mac Pros in our data center. If you like server racks and hate deep focus, take a look.
  • Started this changelog.

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