New Case Study: Unsplash + imgix

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Using imgix has empowered Unsplash to focus on creating features that appeal to their community, helping them compete against larger photo sites.

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Automatic Point-of-Interest Cropping with imgix


Cropping is a key technique for improving images. Removing unnecessary background information or changing an image's aspect ratio can greatly improve the viewer's focus on the image. However, the salient parts of the image are not always centered, so alternate cropping methods are needed to programmatically choose them.

Find out how to use imgix’s entropy cropping to crop based on point of interest.

Next Generation Responsive Images with Client Hints

Deploying responsive images became easier with the general introduction of Client Hints, which enable the server to send the best-sized image to a client or browser based on extra information included in the HTTP request headers.

Find out how to add imgix's Client Hints support to your implementation in our tutorial.

Responsive Images with srcset & imgix

Optimizing images is extremely important for running a performant site. Every byte you don’t have to transfer to serve your content means a leaner page and faster load times for your readers.

Learn the ins and outs of using the srcset attribute for responsive imagery from our Responsive Images with srcset & imgix tutorial.

Using Dynamic Color Quantization with imgix

Color quantization reduces the number of colors in an image while maintaining its overall visual construction. Depending on the file type, this can dramatically reduce the file size of the image.

Learn how to use color quantization with imgix for smaller images and visual effects.

Easily Build imgix URLs with Sandbox

We’ve created a new tool for building and editing imgix image URLs. We call it Sandbox.

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