Easily Build imgix URLs with Sandbox

We’ve created a new tool for building and editing imgix image URLs. We call it Sandbox.

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See Your Savings with Improved Analytics

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imgix is the best way to improve the image performance of your site or app with automatic content negotation, real-time image resizing, and a super-fast global content delivery platform. Today, you can see those speed improvements and cost savings in much more depth.

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Automatically Create Avatars with Improved imgix Face Detection


imgix offers a suite of face cropping parameters, which make it easy to deal with large image sets with faces in them, like user avatars. Learn about how to use face detection for user avatars and more in our tutorial.

Extract EXIF Data and More with JSON Output Format

Metadata is a powerful tool when working with images. It can tell you the dimensions of your image, DPI, camera EXIF data, and more—and each piece of data is a signal you can use with imgix to display your images to their best advantage.

Learn about the JSON Output Format and how to use it to manipulate your images.

New Trim Parameters

imgix's new trim parameters are a great way of cleaning up user-generated content in your sites and apps by removing excess white area or bordering from existing images. You can read in-depth about the feature in our tutorial about managing user-generated content.

Racking Mac Pros: Hardware Design for Web Scale

Racking Mac Pros

At imgix‘s scale, maximizing efficiency and performance in image processing is critical for success. For this reason, we decided to incorporate Mac Pros in planning the build of our next generation image renderers. Because no existing Mac Pro server rack suited our needs, we designed and built our own.

Mac Pro Racks


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