Dynamically Blending Images with imgix

Layer blending is an image editing feature commonly used to blend together multiple images, with a variety of possible transformations. imgix supports the ability to perform such operations with the blend parameter, enabling you to dynamically layer and blend images using a variety of options.

Find out how to use the blend parameters in our Dynamically Blending Images tutorial.

Download Behavior for Linked Images


Typically, when an image is linked to on a web page, it will open in a new window or navigate away from the current site. However, this is not always the desired result. The user’s expectation may be that the image would actually download to their computer. To handle such cases, imgix customers can now set the linked image URLs with the download dl parameter. This modifies the HTTP headers of that image, forcing a web browser to download it instead of opening it in a web browser.

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Announcing imgix.js for Auto Responsive Imagery

Imgix on multiple devices

Announcing imgix.js, a #javascript library for automatic #responsive image sizing https://www.imgix.com/imgix-js

imgix.js is a dependency-free Javascript library that allows you to easily use the imgix API to make images on your site or app responsive to device size and pixel density. imgix.js also allows for intuitive use of imgix features like text formatting, color palette extraction, color adjustments, effects, and watermarking.

imgix.js, Examples and Documentation

Improved Compression with Automatic Content Negotiation

WebP is a newer image format that provides much higher compression ratios and lower quality loss. However, it’s not fully supported in all browsers (only newer versions of Chrome and Opera, currently).

To make using WebP simpler, imgix offers Automatic Content Negotiation (auto)—find out how to use auto in our tutorial.

A Visual Tour of Our Newest Datacenter


At imgix, our mission is to help you increase the value of your images. We do this by delivering your images faster, giving you tools to make your images look their best, and optimizing your images for the devices and browsers your users are using. imgix is designed from the ground up to achieve this mission.

In late 2013 we broke ground on our largest data center space to date. We put a tremendous amount of effort and experience into this project and wanted to share some of our photos from it.

View entire photo set on exposure

Datacenter Racks
Mixed Servers
Datacenter Racks
Datacenter Designs

On-the-Fly Image Auto Enhancement

Almost every image can benefit from a little touch-up, whether it's color correction, removing red eyes from people, or adjusting the exposure. Find out how to easily enhance your images with our auto-enhancement features tutorial.

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