Our Newest Source Option: Microsoft Azure

Azure header image

At imgix, it’s important to us to accommodate your existing storage systems; we don’t want you to have to re-upload all of your images before you can access imgix’s image processing capabilities. Our existing Source types (Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Web Folder Sources, and Web Proxy Sources) address the vast majority of our customers’ needs, and we hope Microsoft Azure will be a welcome addition.

Previously, if you had already invested in Microsoft’s Azure cloud storage, then integrating with imgix would have required either moving your images to a different storage system or making your images public so that you could use a Web Folder Source. Now you can easily set up a Source directly with Azure—no workarounds required.

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Introducing Image Manager Beta: A New Way to Browse, Organize, and Keep Up With Your Images

Image Manager header image

Are you unsure of what’s in your image bucket? Not really certain what’s lurking in those depths or how to find a specific image you’re looking for? Imagine a way to get a real handle on your images at last: to browse them by visual content or color, to flag adult or violent content, or to add additional data to suit your unique organizational needs — all without moving or re-uploading your images. Now fantasize no longer! We’re excited to announce the beta of our new Image Manager, a sophisticated platform you can use to search, organize, and even automatically tag the sea of images in your cloud storage. Now you can do more than simply store your images; you can see how your images can best work for you.

Contact us to request your Beta invite today.

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Announcing Support for WebP and SVG Inputs

SVG Watermark header image

We are pleased to announce that imgix now supports two additional image formats, WebP and SVG, as accepted inputs. We recognize that many of our clients rely on user-generated images, and so we strive to support as many image formats as possible. With our latest additions, our list of accepted inputs now includes 17 different image formats.

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Use Your Words: Adding Colors to Your Images Just Got Easier

Color swatches header image

Transforming, manipulating, and applying artistic effects to images is already a cinch with imgix’s parameters, but we’ve gone even further to simplify your work: now you can use color keywords directly in your imgix URLs. If you’re tired of looking up the corresponding hex codes for individual colors, or if you’ve been secretly hoping for a more intuitive process, you’re in luck. For all imgix parameters that accept hexadecimal color values, you can now use the names of the actual colors. The list of color keywords we accept is the same as the CSS named colors.

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Aspect Ratio Parameter Makes Cropping Even Easier

Aspect Ratio

Our new ar parameter offers an effortless way to resize and crop images simply by specifying the desired aspect ratio. This convenient feature saves you an extra step; now there’s no need to calculate the desired dimensions each time.

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New Duotone Parameter Expands Stylistic Possibilities

Duotone effect

We’re always working hard to maximize the creative options available to imgix customers. Our latest feature is duotone, a striking artistic effect that can also be used to great advantage in branding and creating a unified feel across images. Read on to learn more about duotone, its many uses, and how to easily apply this image manipulation using our duotone parameter.

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