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A New Extension Brings imgix's Image Processing Power to the Cosmic JS CMS

Cosmic JS's new visual editor allows users to access imgix's image processing capabilities from the Cosmic JS dashboard

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Upworthy and imgix

Find out how Upworthy leverages imgix to get inspiring stories out into the world.

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How Stream Built Cabin Quickly with imgix

See how Stream built their sample feed app using imgix for image processing

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Building Branded, Dynamic Social Images with imgix

Use imgix to make more compelling social media images based on user data and our image composition parameters.

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New Case Study: Exposure + imgix

Find out how Exposure architected their site using imgix to take advantage of industry best practices.

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New Case Study: Unsplash + imgix

Find out how Unsplash uses imgix to focus on creating features that appeal to their community, helping them compete against larger photo sites.

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