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More on Holistic UX

Refining your design concepts through prototyping is a key strategy of holistic UX.

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Come Talk Holistic UX with Us

We’re hosting an event on October 6, 2016 at Yelp to discuss more holistic approaches to UX and design.

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Building Branded, Dynamic Social Images with imgix

Use imgix to make more compelling social media images based on user data and our image composition parameters.

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Motif—Custom Open Graph Images for Sharing Content

Learn how to create compelling social media images with user data and imgix's composition parameters.

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Easily Build imgix URLs with Sandbox

Experiment to get just the right images by playing with parameters in the imgix Sandbox.

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Vector to Raster Web Imagery, Processed on the Fly

Manage your brand assets more effectively by serving them from a single file. Find out how to render from PDF with imgix.

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