Behind the Scenes: Improving Google Spanner Efficiency

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The imgix Asset Manager is a key component of our platform. We're dedicated to supporting our users' every asset management requirement — be it the magic of AI-powered image tagging, vigilant alerts for risky content, or empowering advanced searches. The reliability and efficiency of the infrastructure behind our Asset Manager isn’t just crucial; it’s the cornerstone of our commitment to providing an experience that's not just efficient but resonates with the passion we have for high-quality images and serving our users.

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AVIF: The Best Image Format That You Might Be Missing

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AVIF is one of the most exciting web technologies in recent years. Yet it remains a blind spot even for some of the most advanced companies we talk to. Many of you have gotten confusing or conflicting information as you learned about it.

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AI Super Resolution Is Now Available on imgix

Blog header imgix AI-Powered Super Resoltuion

We have all encountered blurry images on the web. It can be a frustrating experience, especially for a product or service that we are eager to learn more about. If you are building an online business, low-quality images can hurt your customers' trust and loyalty. When you find an upscaling solution, chances are it's a stand-alone tool that can't meet the various needs of your image operations. But we have some good news.

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Optimizing Web Performance With Headless CMS and Image CDN

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A Winning Stack for Developing News and Marketing Websites

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4 Ways Image Optimization Reduces Costs and Improves ROI

Blog header imgix 4 ways image optimization reduces costs

As the economy enters choppy waters, it’s increasingly urgent for businesses to shore up finances, reduce costs, and improve profitability. In a recent survey by NetSuite and, 99% of business leaders predict likely budget cuts in 2023.

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