Changelog: August 26, 2016

New Features

  • fillmax Fit Mode: Combines fill and max fit modes to provide the background color fill while maintaining the image’s integrity and not resizing beyond its original dimensions. Read the blog post

  • Focal Point Cropping: Being able to manually choose the focal point of your images and zoom in allows for greater flexibility and power in your responsive imagery. Read the blog post and tutorial to find out how to harness these new parameters.


  • Fixed a small bug that caused the nav bar to overlap the main content in some cases
  • Improved authentication system to require fewer API calls on sign-in
  • Disabled the render_cache_ttl field in the source form. See this post for more information.
  • Updated that dusty old “settings” icon. Less wrenchy, more coggy.

Open-Source Libraries

  • Upgraded imgix-swift to Swift 3. This will not be merged to master and released until Xcode 8 is fully released, but is available for any folks currently working on updating their projects to Swift 3. We will release this branch as imgix-swift version 1.0.0 once Xcode 8 is publicly available.

Art-Direct Responsive Images with Focal Point Cropping

Animation showing focal point cropping

As responsive design patterns continue to consolidate into best practices, it’s become easier for designers and developers to think beyond just resizing and cropping images, and address how to maximize the impact of each image. Responsive art direction, with each image cropped to keep focus on the key elements at each size, is now easier than ever. In addition to our automated methods of cropping to areas of interest, we’ve now added complete manual controls for true focal point cropping and zooming.

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Perfect Product Photos and Logos with fillmax Fit Mode

Normalizing a large library of images like product photos or logos can be a headache. With wildly varying sizes and aspect ratios that all have to display well inside the same sized container, finding a way to automatically resize correctly is crucial. It’s especially important not to resize images beyond their original dimensions or stretch them, and that’s where imgix’s fit=fillmax parameter can help.

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Changelog: August 22, 2016

Removing Render Cache TTL Setting

  • We’re removing the Render Cache TTL field from the Source configuration settings. We’ve been improving our caching infrastructure, and as a result this value is less useful and can actually cause unnecessary requests. Our team will be fine-tuning TTL values in our various caching layers, which will allow us to deliver an improved quality of service and result in less ingestion of duplicate data. Feel free to contact if you have any questions.

Changelog: August 12, 2016

New fillmax Fit Mode

  • Added a new fillmax mode to the fit parameter, which resizes the image to fill the width and height boundaries without cropping or distorting the image, and fills the remaining space with a solid color. It will not increase the size of the image if it is smaller than the output size. This mode is a combination of fit=fill and fit=max. See the docs