Changelog: April 21, 2017


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing AWS credentials from being updated when re-enabling a source.

Changelog: April 7, 2017


  • Fixed a bug on the source-signing tool that was preventing unencoded URLs from being used as image paths
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause graphs on the Analytics view to be rendered blank until the user scrolled
  • Also made some general performance improvements to the Analytics view when scrolling

Changelog: March 24, 2017


  • Fixed font rendering issues on Windows.
  • Added the ability to sign in directly on viewport widths <1050px. On viewport widths <480px, sign-in is only available in the dropdown menu.

Changelog: March 17, 2017


  • The Source views, including the interfaces for creating, editing, and deploying Sources, have all been rebuilt from the ground up to be more intuitive, easier to use, and prettier.

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