Changelog: December 4, 2023

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Video Encoding on Playback

For video customers, our new "Load to Encode" functionality makes working with your videos even easier. When a previously unprocessed video is requested for the first time we will automatically start encoding it for optimized playback. While encoding, you will see a 423 HTTP Response from our servers to notify you that the video is processing. Once encoding has completed, the video will begin normal playback on any subsequent request.

Additionally, we've built this functionality into the imgix video player, ix-player. The video player will automatically handle the new processing flow, and begin playback of the video once available.

If you'd like more information on how to add video capabilities to your imgix plan, please contact us at

Other Features and Fixes

  • Improved support for serving IPTC metadata when using fm=json on an asset with malformed data
  • Fixed an issue where Sources using a path prefix would get unexpected results from bg-remove and upscale parameters
  • Fixed an issue with the skip parameter that would incorrectly skip certain frames when rendering an animated GIF

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