Changelog: September 30, 2016

Changelog image

Open Source

  • Released imgix-rails 2.1.2. This release renames a private helper method that could collide with other helper methods in an application. See #32 for details.
  • Released drift 0.4.0. This release adds Drift#enable, Drift#disable, and Drift#setZoomImageURL public methods.
  • Released image-api-spec 5.0.0-5.0.2
  • Update invert, lossless, reverse, and fp-debug to use new boolean param type.
  • Update facepad suggested range.
  • Switch txtclip to a list type.
  • Added border suggested range.
  • Added fps suggested range.
  • Changed number expectation for w, h, rect, markw, markh, bw, bh, min-w, max-w, min-h, and max-h to integer type. Also added ranges for several of those params.

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