Changelog: November 18, 2016

Changelog image

New Masking and Border Options

  • Added rounded corners as an option for masking images (mask=corners), with the ability to round each corner and set the radius individually (corner-radius). Also added the maskbg parameter so you can apply a color to the masked area.
  • We also added rounding to our border parameter, again with individual controls for each corner and for the inner and outer radii (border-radius, border-radius-inner).

The upshot of these two changes is that adding these common display styles is now a lot easier with imgix. Thumbnails, avatars, and other types of images with simple border and mask requirements can now be created just by adding parameters to your existing images. Check out the border and mask documentation for more information and interactive examples.


  • Fixed a case-sensitivity bug in the parameter field on the source-signing view.
  • Made various sizing and leading tweaks to text styling in titles and modals.
  • Rolled out a major update to the checkmark icon in our checkbox inputs.

Open Source Libraries

  • Released react-imgix 5.1.0. This adds a crop property to override crop URL params #57, and several other fixes/changes.

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