Changelog: May 8 2023

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Background Removal Fallbacks

The imgix background removal render API now supports graceful failures by default. Not all images are prime candidates for background removal and by using the bg-remove-fallback parameter you can control what happens in those cases. We've also added a new response header X-Imgix-Bg-Remove-Failure-Reason to give more feedback as to why a requested images's background removal failed.

If you're interested in testing background removal with your sources, contact our sales team:

File Downloads via Video API

Using the vdl parameter with the imgix video API will force the browser to download the video file instead of play it back. The value set for the parameter will be the filename of the downloaded video file, default is the original name.

Other Features and Fixes

  • Added new entries to our list of IP ranges, which are used to fetch assets from origins.
  • Asset categories and custom fields now support the full range of allowable UTF-8 characters so you can add, edit, and search in any language.
  • Fixed a bug where certain animated image files would fail to render as AVIF.

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