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Behind the Scenes: Improving Google Spanner Efficiency

As our database of image and video assets grew, we recognized the need to update our infrastructure for future scalability. By optimizing queries and leveraging Google Spanner's Data Boost, we successfully reduced capacity consumption by 30% and achieved a balance between enhanced performance and cost savings.

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Under the Hood: Image Manager and Color Search

Learn how Image Manager processes images for easy color search.

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Reflections on the First CodePen SF meetup

Recap of the first CodePen Sf Meetup, sponsored by imgix

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What Happens When You Purge an Image

How purging works at imgix, and how and when to purge an image

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Conference Recap:

Keep an eye on e-commerce performance basics—what we learned at the conference

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Racking Mac Pros: Hardware Design for Web Scale

Get a peek behind the scenes and see how imgix is using Mac Pros at web scale.

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