Changelog: Jul 24, 2015


  • Fixed an issue where the trimcol parameter was incorrectly labeled as trimcolor.
  • Added documentation for the watermark base (markbase) parameter. This sets a base URL for the watermark in an image.
  • Clarified behavior of the nr and nrs parameters.
  • Added documentation for the lossless parameter, which will render a JPEG XR or WebP output image losslessly.

Changelog: Jul 17, 2015

Blend Artifacting

Changelog: Jul 9, 2015

Web App

  • Improved invoice display to be clearer and account for all different pricing schemes.
  • Tweaked news item display to only display items less than two weeks old.


hue Parameter

Changelog: Jul 2, 2015

8-bit and 32-bit PNGs

Typeface Search

Changelog image

Changelog: Jun 26, 2015

Improved Analytics

  • All imgix accounts now have improved analytics sections that go into much more depth around the performance of their account. Read the blog post.


  • Dropped the lodash dependency from imgix-core-js. This results in shaving 50 kB off of the total footprint of the library. Bumped the version to 0.2.1.


Face Detection Crop

Changelog: Jun 19, 2015

Web App

  • Fixed a bug that was outputting non-helpful error messages when trying to update an Amazon S3 Source.
  • Added a check to disallow creation of multi-level subdomains.

Image Rendering

  • Increased the maximum output dimensions of images to 8192×8192 pixels, up from 2048×2048 pixels.

Fit Mode Documentation

  • Created a new suite of illustrations for the imgix fit modes. Fit modes tell imgix what to do with extra data in an image when resizing it. There are many options, some more complicated than others. The new illustrations simplify what each fit mode does.



  • Upgraded imgix-java to work with fully-qualified URLs for Web Proxy Sources.


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