Changelog: Apr 22, 2016

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2016 imgix Responsive Image Survey

Building Dynamic Social Images Post


  • Updated account and user details sections of the Account view with better layouts and more usable forms.
  • Fixed permissions for read-only users, allowing them to visit the account view and edit their own user details.
  • Fixed a bug in Safari where the second field in a two-part form field wasn't accessible by click.
  • Fixed a bug in Safari that was preventing our handsome logo from appearing at the top of the sign-in and sign-up views. Why didn't anyone tell me about this sooner?

Changelog: Apr 15, 2016

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Kickstarter Case Study

  • Find out how Kickstarter used imgix to streamline their image processing and improve the loading experience for their animated GIFs.

Motif is Now Open Source

Built with imgix

  • All of our demonstration tools are now together on the "Built with imgix" page. In addition to serving faster images, you can also use imgix as an advanced compositing engine to build completely new experiences, of which these are fine examples.

This Week in Client Libraries

Changelog: Apr 8, 2016

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New Page Weight Tool

  • Released Page Weight, a tool to help measure and improve image performance. Enter the URL of your website to get a detailed custom report that shows how images are affecting your performance and ways to improve.


  • Upgraded the /signup form to use a shiny new endpoints, resulting in a smoother account sign-up process.
  • Fixed a bug with URLs that broke the back button in certain cases.
  • Hid the billing form from users that don't have permission to edit billing details.
  • Fixed a bug that was requesting current invoice data even for users without permission, resulting in an entirely-avoidable 401 Forbidden error every time.

imgix-go Client Library Update

Changelog: Apr 1, 2016

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  • Moved invoices, billing information, and plan details to the new consolidated billing view.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented "billing-only" users from adding or updating credit card information.
  • Renamed a bunch of routes throughout the app for better organization. No need to update your bookmarks, though: all old routes should be correctly aliased.
  • Improved the general behavior of errors on many forms, and the specific behavior of displaying email "typo" suggestions in the sign-up form.

Blog Post: Optimizing Quality and Speed for High-DPR Images

Changelog: Mar 25, 2016

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  • Added spiffy new "Edit in Sandbox" buttons to image examples.
  • Documented the ellipsis input for the txtclip parameter, which inserts an ellipsis (…) where specified in a truncated text string.


  • Updated news module on home view: better design, fewer API requests.
  • Fixed a number of minor bugs in the Source creation form.

Changelog: Mar 18, 2016

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  • Rebuilt the sign-up form to be a bit more user-friendly and include better error handling.
  • Rebuilt our password-reset flow to be easier to use.

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